we never stop. life. thoughts. ideas… are in perpetual development. a constant and unstoppable succession of facts leading us to reflection and discussion. often going back to where we started.
a plum tree was my first real refuge. my first great love. my first nest. the wood listened to me and welcomed me once I grew up. explaining to me the insignificance of death. and the infinite greatness of the soul. it taught me silence and the non-existence of the void. and I went on believing in a higher intelligence. free of the limits of body and mind. a gigantic being by whom I have always felt observed. sometimes welcomed and listened to. endless. alive. so many nights I threw the window open and waited for a statement… I spent whole days looking for and portraying trees just because they attracted me. and then I discovered the nation of plants. and plant revolution. and all the books Professor Stefano Mancuso has written to spread his idea that we should learn from plants. and just like that, in a short chat, everything takes shape again. and is reworked. old ideas. literary passions. wandering and shipwrecked memories. elaboration and creation are the driving forces of my day. and although I am ignorant and lacking any scientific or theoretical foundation. free to write and think whatever I want. I say that I as an animal. as a female mammal. I have two managements of my being. the centralized one for the single organs in all everyday matters. practical thinking manipulation digestion defecation reproduction… but as for the rest. the rest that really represents me. I am one. with no arms and no legs. but with rays. when I am completely myself. in those few lucky moments of absolute silence. that every day I try to find and live again. in those moments I am energy intelligence and love. in those moments I no longer have a place. if like a child I had to point to where I live. then I would move my index finger to my chest and phasing through it point at nowhere. and if I was asked where ideas are located I would point at my ovaries. and then at my fingertips. my feet. the ends of my hair… so. with all the freedom I experience when I decentralize myself and stop deciphering with the upper part of my body. listening to Professor Mancuso and reworking with him memories and new notions about plants. obeying the hidden order to change my point of view and my parameters. assimilating the simple truth that plants are superior to us in number and abilities. that they welcome and support us every day of our ridiculous lives. I started to see plants the way we look at God after a good catechism lesson. a GREEN GOD. the one not yet translated and interpreted. original. constant. ubiquitous. the one we could not live without. written with all the serenity that comes from being aware that what I have written today is going to evolve tomorrow. and the day after tomorrow. and glad to have learnt to read. to love books and be able to afford to buy them. and through them get to know people who in complete serenity declare they are trying to live like a plant.

(written on March 7, 2020 repeatedly listening to Complete Études for Piano by Philip Glass and Jenny Lin)

this should have been a simple issue on trees and deforestation. but when you start a research. and you discover a new perspective. things. ideas. dreams. take different shapes.