BECAUSE one morning in 2010 I conceived a magazine that could speak through images. big images. full page. with the name of the author. and I imagined that it would deal with books. and poetry. music. movies. but giving only a taste of all this. written or illustrated. not the usual reviews. an emotion. instead. then little by little the paper space of this magazine grew bigger. until it became a public square. an open space. where images and information. stories. daydreams. and thoughts. freely moved around. a square that closes at night before going to bed. to leave on the night table. that could be touched. and saved. like a book. but that could also be dismembered. and transformed. that could also be a game. a surprise. a reason for going out and get it. but for free. for anybody.

HOW*. I wondered. and I created the facebook* page of the same name where little by little. suggesting topics. I have gathered and I keep on gathering the contents that make it come alive. so on March 2010. during the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. issue number zero was released. thanks to #logosedizioni that covers all costs involved in the translation. editing. layout design and printing. thanks to all the bookshops that immediately decided to host it. thanks to the FRIENDS* who seven times a year regularly and punctually send their contributions. and most of all thanks to the passion of the illustrators. photographers. and writers who seven times a year play with me and send me their creations. ideas. suggestions.

 Lina Vergara Huilcamán