There are some things I like when they happen.
When a black-black meets a white-white.
When a fine sign meets a thick sign.
Like salt.
I like it when black drops fall nearby the sign.
I like it when everything is easy.
When things reveal themselves on their own initiative.
I like it when everything is just right except for one thing.
And when everything is all wrong.
Except for one thing.
I like it when it seems dirty but it’s really clean.
When it seems clean but it’s really dirty.
I like adding details years later.
To keep my hand in.
I like drawing when there’s a documentary on the TV.
And pornography on the computer screen.
Cunt and puppies.
Like on the main TV news.
I like nature.
I hate nature.
I couldn’t give a shit about nature.
Sometimes I see two elephants fucking on the TV.
While 3 lesbians eat ice-cream on the computer.
I like getting turned on.
I start to work.
Almost absent.
All night long, sometimes.
Without any purpose.
Then I forget.
And I find it all again three years later.
Understand its meaning clearly.
Like writing a diary from the future.
Documentary on the P2 Freemasonic lodge plus Cumshot compilation.
I don’t only watch animals.
Unlike the main news.
Drawing is an act of seduction.
Like certain birds doing big numbers to show off to the females.
Puffing up their feathers.
And dancing.
It’s a matter of gestures.
An act of acting.
Without music.
Without words.
I like it when a white-white meets a black-black.
I like it when those things happen.
When everything seems wrong.
But really.

Images with nervous strokes and grainy colours illustrate 23 streams
– or rather spurts – of consciousness, where various characters take off their decency masks
and reveal the most turbid, outrageous, violent but all in all human and sincere parts they hide deep inside.

Short story taken from:

by AkaB
softcover with flaps, 160 pages, 165x230 mm
ISBN: 9788857603278