mum. what place would you like to visit? I look at her and remember when I was her age and I too felt the same eagerness to see the world. to travel and see the wonders of the earth with my own eyes. I dreamt of swimming every day in the immensity of the sea. losing myself in the deep blue that turns into the sky at the horizon. infinite space. infinite freedom. which only a few beings can enjoy. the angels of the blue. what we—humans—will never be. I guess because of a lack of virtue. a lack of purity. have you ever watched a bird fly? a fish swim? elegance and lightness that can only come true in the air and in the water. where the weight of flesh is cancelled. where misery and ignorance sink. is there really not a single place you’d like to visit? when I feel sad I look at the corner of the sky that I can see from my bed and dream. I stand up and open the window to let it in. together with the wind. and I visualize the sea. no. I answer. there is not a place I’d like to visit anymore. because I would only see the rubbish we leave behind. I would only see the misery. and the sadness of those who had to deal with us. all the beautiful places we long for do not exist any longer. there are only photoshopped postcards. I go back to my sky. ah, how beautiful, the sky! with its great silence. the mountain ranges or the beaches of clouds. the fire. the heat. the darkness. the cold. every day I stare at it and grab the memory of it for myself. for the time when we’ll be off for good. but I am not telling this to her.