Transcription, Centro Espiritual del Divino Maestro.

Welcome, brothers and sisters, your hearts are bursting with love and we are meeting you here because on the other side everything has already been destroyed. Space is being gradually taken from us, since man’s only ability is the ability to destroy, however when man destroys nature, we do not regard it as destruction, but as creation.
Do you want to learn more about us?
We do not have a gender, we consider ourselves in the feminine sphere, but we do not have a gender.
This is our home, this is where we live. Our home reflects our evolution, as you live in several different places, we live there as well, but we do not reside in the whole nature, because our place is here, we are part of it. This is where we transform the thoughts of who gets closer to us.
We come from Mars, we chose this planet to evolve, we are still evolving, one day we will bring back to Mars the knowledge that we have acquired.
We gathered you here because many of you carry our same essence, we can recognise you, the essence is the visible image of what was once the past.
The salt crystals contain our essence and help us to convert what is inside humanity: the negativity. This is a magnetic field for the planet, it converts what you carry inside into the essence of our planet.
The crystals are part of us, you can take them away with you, so that when you will be full of the negativity that permeates humanity, they will help you to transform it. You can transform that negative vibe, together with its consequences, by trapping it into the material, because in this place it all changes and is part of our planet, even if it resides in yours.
Your presence here helps us to preserve this place. We take something from you and you take something from us.
This place is a shining light for humanity, in the whole Universe, in this place we carry out this task, we are here for your evolution.
At first glance, we are only guardians, and as guardians we must protect the planet, we absorb the darkness to stop it from destroying our planet, but then we use it in order to protect and not to destroy.
As each one of you has a task, a mission, each one of us has one and it is giving protection, for this reason we are guardians.
Now we must say goodbye. Thank you for getting in touch with us.

Mars Valley, Atacama Desert, Chile, August 2016.