Transcript Centro Espiritual del Divino Maestro.
Laguna Cejar, San Pedro de Atacama, August 2016.

My beloved elder brothers, we are waiting for the blessing of your words with all our heart.
As we speak we align our vibration to the vibration of what you all hold in your soul; this is why we couldn’t come close for a while.
My brothers, as you came to our presence, you believed you were pushed only by your anxiety and fears, but the truth is that we made you come this far to finally meet again without any interference. It’s not us who interfere with you, interferences reside in all that surrounds a city, and this is the reason why we bring you here, because from this place our ships can head off to any place, to other cities, other worlds.
You cannot see it but here we an etheric city where we can transport and stabilize what we collect at your place in order to deliver it.
My brothers, we convey our vibration to your bodies. Do not be afraid. You are still communicating through words, but we can draw on your thoughts, therefore we align our vibrations to yours in order to avoid any interference.
My brothers, everything seems to be quiet, but it’s just because the souls are making decisions, we are laying the ground for what was predestined for humanity, therefore we collect what you are going to need in the future, both food and water. We are getting ready for you, so that this humanity doesn’t keep on self-destructing as it has done so far, therefore the souls are now deciding what you have already decided. The human race must reach perfection, and to this purpose we need your souls’ decision, because human race mustn’t surrender, just like human beings believe it will. There will be many changes where the magnificence of your souls will be perceived through shapes and with no need to speak.
Purple is the colour of who is leading this planet, and the human race and all those who vibrate in harmony with its soul take on its colour. It’s the new vibration that governs this humanity, the vibration in which souls let themselves be guided by their shape. You vibrate differently from the others, consequently many souls take on a different vibration, your vibration, and here originates the awakening, the decision to make, in this way humanity will have a new conscience. Human beings learned by letting themselves be guided by their conscience, the same conscience that only exists and reveals itself in human beings, that reacts to society’s needs, a society once built by human beings and within which they are only able to destroy things. Only a few sparks of your souls have passed through your shape and led you. This is why we stand by your side. Do you think we only stand by you this moment? Ever since humanity is humanity, ever since men are men, we have stood by your side.
That “thing” will stay within its world, growing like you grow, but they will be guided, not in order to destroy but in order to help build, while remaining in the darkness. They mustn’t interfere with what is already designed for humanity. And those who have to go on without awakening the conscience of what they are in the darkness will try to destroy things up, there are many of them, and they reveal themselves only in the representation of the material world, which they mustn’t leave. The experiences in the development of a stronger vibration will be greater, because karmas have to connect, and this is what’s consuming humanity, and the reason why every soul accelerates its development so that nobody is left behind, even if they are creatures of the darkness.
Then, of course, you will see them. My brothers, you will have the time to experience, in this body, a new conscience in which human beings will make their way towards their divine origin, and in which shadows will do the same in the darkness, this is why, my brothers, you are here but at the same time you are also on other levels, or do you think you are only acting on this one? No, my brothers, you are on different levels and you make changes for humanity on them all.
This is the level of the material world, which isn’t more challenging, no, it’s only on a faster evolution than the other ones.
You come to this world as simple human beings, but you leave it aware of the awakening of your souls thanks to the vibration reverberating in this place. It’s the souls that guide their shapes without knowing what they are looking for, as they think their only desire is knowledge, but please do not astound, because in this country you will be able to see those coming from other countries in search of a place to rest, and here they find peace, this is why many people find this country on their path to live in.
We cannot anticipate anything more than we already did. What hinders you is the fear of not being yourselves anymore, of ceasing to be what you are. You believe more in your material body, therefore you silently deny what you really are and you only bring about what your eyes can see, you look for knowledge but you don’t understand what you are experiencing. If you left behind this desire for knowledge, then you could see and not only feel.
This is why we are here, close to you, in this place that isn’t contaminated with thoughts and free from radiations. I need you to be decontaminated, and here you are. Nobody and nothing can ignore the light emanating from you, all human beings hold that light inside them, and it is that light that has led us to you.
Now we have to leave you. Shall the eternal love you represent endure.