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by Elena Borghi

«There is a light, you know, which is a feeble flame and, at a certain point, becomes something different.
An intense spark that turns into a bright fire, flares up in a benevolent blaze capable of creation and from its brightness bricks are born that orderly stack up and it is fluorescence that keeps them together, one after the other and then again, one on top of the other, until it becomes the lighthouse that enlightens the deepest darkness.
Now that light is protected. Now that guide is focused. Now that path is clear.
Thought, feeling, sensation and intuition are now a whole flowing in unison.»
«Are you telling this to me?»
«Yes, I’m talking to you, Sea. That you vigorously smack your white foam onto the walls of the Lighthouse, that you know well, is commonly known. But I was not referring to this, Sea. I was specifically describing Awareness, a word that is so rounded and yet with a hissing tail.
A word, Awareness, with which I live and that I feed. I take care of it like a pet, that I have wanted, chosen and loved so that it became part of my life, indissolubly.»
«Imagine that the best is yet to come!»
«True. I know. It will be exactly like that. Because the route after the assumption of Awareness is something completely different, you know? I already feel it, my whole body shivers starting from the veins.»
«And are you telling this to me?»
«Yes, I am talking to you, Sea.
You that listened to me so much to tell me that I am not alone.
That slapped me with the wind to tell me that there was something more powerful to discover.
That kissed me with languid heat to tell me I am loved.
That enveloped me in your ointment to tell me that my body is on Earth.
That told me the truth, always so openly and yet sweetly, patiently waiting for me to be ready.»
«You cause me a seaquake in the depths of the abyss if you speak to me like this…»
«No, no, please control the seaquake. Turn it into something else. You may give vent to it during those sunset when water seems to brighten from the inside, like one of those neon signs of certain clubs where people think better with a glass in their hands. I really love when you have that light. I do not want a seaquake, I do not want to be the cause of anything.»
«We are all the cause of something even when we can’t imagine it.»
«You are always right, Sea. I would really be in a mess if I was engaged to you.»