#laesquinaesmicorazón is the part of me that is alive and happy in the streets. straightforward. with eyes wide open. I watch. I smell. I absorb. a variety of colours and shapes. ugliness doesn’t exist. neither beauty does exist. a big and various diversity exists. surprise. the unusual exception to the rule. truth.
we have forgotten the honesty of our flesh. forgotten the smell of our humours.
we have forgotten what love truly means.
this issue is a tribute to Pedro Lemebel.
Pedro Segundo Mardones Lemebel (Santiago, November 21st 1952 - Santiago, January 23rd 2015).
although he is little known in Italy. although his works are very difficult to translate and understand if you have never been, at least once, in the Santiago he writes about.
I consider him a singer-songwriter of the truth. a sweet and sad and latin music accompanies the lyrics of his chronicles. he dragged me in the vortex of images of a life whose existence I ignored. he made me see. love. and understand the dirty corners of the town where I went to live. he showed me its weaknesses. its opaque colours. passion’s juices hidden behind smells I couldn’t recognize.
and it all started with him. thanks to him. a new life for me. made of senses and passions. and flesh.
a world that had always aroused my curiosity. a world that inspires me awe and disconcertment. whose violence I am not always able to cope with. but that prevents me from closing my eyes. a world that I can’t ignore.
an essence that opens and widens my senses. opens and widens my eyes.
opens and widens my heart. whose beat I hear at last.

Lina Vergara Huilcamán