in the water. she concentrates and thinks. she remembers. she smiles. she cries.
in the water she sets her soul free. she listens to it sing. sweetly.
in the water, the only place where. weightless. she feels like herself.
she could swim forever. she could float and simply let herself be carried away. looking at the sky. that huge sky that changes everyday. that can change her mood. that can excite her as much as to let her forget. for a little while. what she has to do. where she has to go. the thousand things that distracts her from herself. from her wishes. from what she really would like to do.
in the water the sky reflects itself. and it feels like flying. and in the sky the sun. that sun so big and warm. that intense light that makes her half-close her eyes. and remember again. and in that coloured darkness. orange. red. yellow. white! she gets back into that huge space. without borders. limitless. without coercions nor duties. without induced feelings. without created fictions.
the light and the heart. the heart and the sea. the sea and the sky. and that huge thing that is voiceless and yet screams. that makes her float. and never sink. and maybe fly one day.
from the water. she looks around and listens. she sees them move. talk. she sees them rise to the surface and breathe. at every movement they assert. limits. fears. prides. the body speaks. the right arm heavier than the left one. the leg furiously smacking the water while the other simply lets itself be carried away.
she sees them laugh and joke. look around and flirt. look around and search. until for everybody. sooner or later. it is time to go back. so, here they are, slowly remembering. little by little. the weight of their body. the missing leg. the old age approaching.
only the kids. who have never stopped dreaming. dive in without thinking. they get in and out laughing. they move and dance. they laugh so much that you seem to hear them sing. they scream and jump as if nothing should ever stop. only the kids. when it is time to go. cry and scream. or they plunge in order not to listen.