situs viscerum inversus

by Lina Vergara Huilcamán

everything was exactly the reverse of how it should be. but it worked all the same. what’s the difference anyway when your heart is on the right and not on the left? there is no difference at all… but the angle. the direction. but every little detail, situation, ingredient changes the state of things in an imperceptible and unavoidable way. so she lived her life under the eyes of everybody and people didn’t understand. and how could they?
those were times in which the only way to look inside a body was to open it. those were times in which concerns like that were still nameless. just a chocking feeling in the throat. a big question never asked. a big truth never told. soon came death. but whoever opened her was not interested in her moods. nor in her sorrows. her pains. her joys. nor in her dreams, hopes, desires. nevertheless she was given one more chance and her body was preserved. as evidence of a big discovery. a big ignorance. and there she stayed. for ever. behind a display cabinet. to show her inside. to those who passed by her organs with attentive eyes and wanted to know their silence. or just to look up and examine her mouth to read her lips.
and, at last, listen to her story.