by Lisa Biggi

Cultivation requirements:
1. First of all you need to make sure that the soil is really fertile, that it hasn’t dried too much, otherwise nothing will grow there anymore.
2. Then pull up the weeds, without hesitation, because they are infesting and they deprive our plant of light and nutrition. This is a risky operation, during which you may happen to root out the buds of a new plant that has just come up and you won’t be able to save it.
3. Remember to offer water and light to the plant, but differently, according to the season. Too much sun will burn the leaves as soon as they sprout, before they reach their full size and grow vigorously. Excessive nutrition is deleterious as well: it will secretly make stagnant roots rot.
First aid:
If you suspect the presence of root rod, you can attempt a repotting. But be careful: the soil will most probably be infested with parasites.
Special care:
You need dedication, balance and luck.
Gardening may be pleasing but I have some concerns about the weeds, since I find it difficult to distinguish them. This has really nothing to do with thorns.
I doubt my soil, its actual fertility, but at the same time I lack the perseverance to fertilize it and I can’t replace it.
Therefore I trust the wind. May it bring a seed as strong as a thistle and resistant to the bad weather and aridity of certain seasons of life. In the meantime, I will put this enormous plastic flower on the window-sill, so that everybody can admire its shapes and its wonderful bright colours.