Laura Cadelo Bertrand

by Lina Vergara Huilcamán

When sculpture becomes an accessory
And the accessory a dancing and narrating feature

All towns have a small treasure and I have found it in Reggio Emilia.
By chance, in one of the less busy pathways of the city center, I met Laura Cadelo Betrand’s Atelier and was enchanted
by the shop window. So I got in.
Embossment, fretwork, beating, etching and welding on aluminum, brass and copper, that become decorations for the body, with all the grace and femininity that a woman with Laura’s experience can contain and express.
An experience in the field of theatre, dance, mime, and choreography. A dancer but above all an artist who has succeeded in communicating her experience to the matter, making it not only an accessory but the décor of a little production where the characters whisper a story, dance it, perform it, in a cheerful game of lights
and shapes, involving the audience: the woman who wears
them and those who meet and watch her.
For those who see earrings or necklaces not only as ornaments but also as an expression of their personality or their mood, for the woman who loves to reveal herself by means of accessories.  
Single pieces. Free and full of a life of their own.
Laura turns an earring in a ship that leaves toward the horizon at full sails. She names it Caronte. She makes it berth on a woman’s ear and extends it until it covers all her neck and makes it shine, as if Caronte’s sails mirrored the sun, the typical sun and light of creativity. Any woman who wear it will unavoidably feel the wind blow on those sail, see the sun going down on the horizon and the last ray shining in the brass of her earrings but also in her body.
She will participate in a story, a moment.  
People become protagonists of a game, a story.
Games. Her works resemble stage improvisations of cats and rats, moths and butterflies, fish and hooks.
Objects with personality, with a story that can be inferred from its characters
 and from their names.  
Beyond the garden… a torrid moment… appetiser and dessert… an unlikely love… the gossipers… summer is gone… bad dirty and awful… the spider’s invitation to dinner…

Laura Cadelo Bertrand
Via dei due gobbi 3
42100 Reggio Emilia, Italia
+39 3337128560