They walked into MIRABILIA bookstore in Bologna, when it still existed. Andrea Morello and Geert Vons of Sea Shepherd. They bought the book Sharks published by Taschen, Pietro Sedda’s Black Novels for Lovers, and stopped to have a chat. A chat that has led us to collaborate on an editorial project that produced GRINDADRÁP, which will be followed by AZZURRO and AQUARIUM next autumn. But above all they introduced me to a world I knew nothing about, even though I shared its beliefs.
How ignorant are we when it comes to what is happening around us?
How carelessly and compassionlessly do we live our lives?
We do not all need to go and save the sea – not necessarily – but we should wonder about what surrounds us, we should know the consequences of our actions and responsible behaviour should become a habit from an early age, it should be part of our education and culture, so that we won’t end up feeling ashamed of our indifference, like I did.
This ILLUSTRATI issue is entirely about the SEA, with the aim of becoming a drop of it, and for this reason I asked Andrea to tell me his story, and his reasons. We had arranged to meet in the Aeolian islands, but the pandemic stopped the world and its commitments, yet helping us to better understand the concept of captivity, even though for a limited time and with all amenities, including digital ones. Personally, it also gave me something more: the possibility of imagining a world cleared of human waste, and after talking with Andrea I was able to see it through his eyes – BLUE.
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