by Stefano Mancuso

art.•1: The Earth is the common home of life. Sovereignty belongs to all living beings

art.•2: The Nation of Plants recognises and guarantees the inviolable rights of natural communities as societies based on the relashionships of the organisms that compose them

art.•3: The Nation of Plants does not recognise animal hierarchies, based on command centres and concentrated functions, and promotes widespread and decentralised plant democracies

art.•4: The Nation of Plants universally respects the rights of present and future generations of living beings

art.•5: The Nation of Plants guarantees the right to uncontaminated water, soil and atmosphere

art.•6: The consumption of any resource that cannot be renewed for future generations of living beings is forbidden

art.•7: The Nation of Plants has no boundaries: every living being is free to pass through it, move into it, live in it without any limitation

art.•8: The Nation of Plants recognises and promotes mutual support between natural communities of living beings as an instrument of coexistence and progress

La Nazione delle piante by Stefano Mancuso, Laterza