I work in a call centre.
I’m 23 years old.
Sign of Aries.
I live alone.
Alone with Black.
Black is my dog.
A Labrador.
I gave him the name after the black pirate.
And because he’s all black.
Black is my love.
Today, at work, I’m nervous.
Yesterday Black didn’t eat anything.
Something’s wrong.
Between us.
On the phone an old lady asks me to help her
see the RAI TV channels.
She says that with the new digital system
the RAI has disappeared.
I answer that she’s better off without it.
And hang up.
I ask for permission to leave.
I leave work 2 hours early.
I go to him.
I run to Black.
As I climb the stairway he’s already scratching at the door.
The inside is all worn away.
It doesn’t matter.
I love him.
When I come in the door he jumps on me.
He kisses me and hugs me.
He shows me how important I am for him.
How indispensable.
He’s mine.
And I’m his.
Until the end.
When it’s windy Black gets nervous.
I have to masturbate him to calm him down.
He’s been like that since he was a puppy.
That’s why after a while a thought I’d try
pouring some beer on my cunt.
And letting Black lick it up.
Like licking up my mediocre life.
With his tongue he cleans away my anonymity.
With his tongue he makes me unique.
Occasionally I let him penetrate me.
But not often.
It still seems a bit strange.
I wouldn’t like to spoil our relationship.
It’s not windy today.

Short story taken from:

by AkaB
softcover with flaps, 160 pages, 165x230 mm
ISBN: 9788857603278