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Minibioshow #18 - Sylvia Likens


SYLVIA LIKENS (from top left to bottom right)
1. In the summer of 1965 Sylvia Likens, daughter of a couple of carnival workers, was entrusted to the Baniszewski family for 20 dollars a week.
2. Mrs Baniszewski ties her in the basement of the house and encourages her own children and young people from the neighbourhood to torture her.Before long, Sylvia becomes the target of the whole neighbourhood.
3. Among other things, besides beating her, extinguishing cigarettes on her skin, raping her, and throwing boiling water on her, they insert different objects into her vagina, among which a glass Coca-Cola bottle.
4. With a heated bolt they burn the number “3” into her body.
5. And the words “I’m a prostitute and proud of it”.
6. Sylvia Likens dies at 16 of a brain haemorrhage, shock and malnutrition, under the eyes of the whole neighbourhood.