what is freedom?
freedom is so free that it cannot be defined. not even by a group of words. you can get closer to its meaning. you may fancy yourself able to grasp its sense and understand it. but it’s just an illusion because no one can ever be sure of it. this is what I thought while I was trying to pigeonhole a man like Molinari Pradelli (you are going to meet him in the next pages). I did it inadvertently. purely out of bad habit. I swear.
freedom is free. and only a few lucky people enjoy the privilege of knowing it. you need to be a person of great culture and education to be a friend of freedom. to understand and follow it. to let yourself be seduced and guided. without restraint. for unintelligible reasons.
freedom is knowing. seeing. listening. experiencing. I wish it was also touching. for me.
freedom is dreaming. and no one pronouncing the word impossible.
freedom is tolerance. accepting diversity and listening to it.
freedom is respect. where other people’s freedom begins, yours ends.
freedom is flying. or swimming. or pedalling in the wind without a destination. without a schedule. without telephone calls. and nobody waiting for you. only someone who’s going to welcome you.
freedom is loving. love too. there is no definition for it. nor limits.

#WHATAMIDOINGHERE is dedicated to freedom. the freedom of Bruce Chatwin who, when I was a girl, made me dream of being like him one day. of observing the world just to observe the world. of living just to live. looking just to look. listening just to listen. with intensity. and love.
it is also dedicated to Mr. Molinari Pradelli who made me experience the joy of pedalling as a way of knowing and travelling. to know what? everything! to go where? everywhere! to come back when? I don’t know. without him this issue would have never come to light.
it is dedicated to all of those. who like me. have set their dreams aside to follow them later. so that they can bring them out. even for just one minute a day. never to forget. who we are.
it is dedicated to all of those who like me. one day. would like to be free. from themselves. from the others. and would like to live. at last! like swallows in the air.