Caribbean Solarium

by Valentina Malgarise

Those who don’t live in a city do not know how gracefully the trains glide on the rails, so close and yet never bumping into each other. Silent animals that cross paths giving way, like calm cetaceans.
Under this timeless sky, I observe the time of people flowing by.
The missed appointments, the clouded train windows, the umbrellas dripping among the people—a foot here and the other who knows where—people getting off and on through the same doors. Men, women, physiques.
Those who don’t live in a city do not know the poetry of the rush hour, the ticket-printing procession, I go first – you go first, the validation is like a wafer. And again coats, ties, watches, glasses, suitcases. And then the seats, with their forgotten news.
The sun? I simply appreciate it. And after all, 10 minutes at the Caribbean Solarium are enough.
Those who don’t love cities cannot understand.
Lisa Biggi


pencil and digital colouring