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by Elena Borghi

«This is an extraordinary time of transformation. More than ever we are called to be self-conscious, we are pushed to change. The time for knowing has ended. Now it is time to evolve.»
«I will try and tell it to my boss, let’s see whether he gets a hold of himself.»
«What we are called to do is bring our greatness into the beauty of daily life. We waste our time complaining about the others but they are only a mirror of ourselves. We should close our ears, listen to the music from which we come and play it!»
«My rude boss, my hateful colleague, my envying friend, do they really mirror me? Comparing myself to them, I understand something more about me, I know. But couldn’t it happen with easier people?»
«Consider that not even Jesus used to look for easy people.»
«Did Jesus exist?»
«What was he like?»
«His figure was quite different from the one they have presented to us. Every time someone names him we think of Brad Pitt! His face doesn’t look like the one they wanted to show us. Just consider where he was born: how could he be blue-eyed?»
«Actually I have always found that matter unconvincing.»
«Do you think Herod used to kill anyone he met? Have you ever seen a poor wretch, a carpenter’s son, put his ass on an Emperor’s throne?»
«Actually I haven’t.»
«How could Herod be afraid of him? Jesus was wealthy and of imperial blood, that’s why. Don’t you know that Jesus hasn’t worked a single day in his life?»
«He was also dressed in white…»
«In red, he was dressed in red. They have deprived us of important truths.»
«Who are they?»
«Those who made us believe he was God’s only-begotten son. And what about you? Aren’t you God’s daughter? Jesus, if anything, was the first one to call him Father, to feel God’s spark inside him. This is why he could do wonderful things. Things you can do as well.»
«From this perspective, to look at myself in the mirror acquires a completely new meaning.»
«And Mary Magdalene? She was a wealthy and influential woman, people used to listen to what she said, therefore they turned her into a prostitute!»
«Setting the female figure aside for thousands of years. It still happens today, you know.»
«No, today it is much worse.»
«She was the only female Apostle and the closest one to Jesus, and she was sentenced and persecuted. Holy Patience, she probably had plenty of it, Mary Magdalene.»
«There is a book that is not a book: it contains our evolution. We can decide to read it or ignore it but we should know that we can do wonderful things and they are all inside us.»
«You are right. I always attach too much importance to the opinions of other people and delegitimize myself.»
«If the others reject you it doesn’t necessarily mean you are wrong. Maybe it’s them who have problems.»
«Jesus and Mary Magdalene knew it well, I think.»