A journey around the human machine
Nicola Di Benedetto - La barra

Nicola Di Benedetto - La barra

Ettore Di Corato - Domatore di onde Ettore Di Corato - Chitarrista Fabio Solari - Surfista Ettore Di Corato - Uomo vitruviano Fabio Manucci - Legame Antico Giovanni Pota - Oltremare Giuseppe Bertozzi - Panino Marcantonio Bianco - Admiral 51-s Maurizio Lacavalla - Body 1 Nicola Di Benedetto - Insieme Nicola Di Benedetto - Tre noi Giuseppe Bertozzi - 1A-1-2B Vania Barbato - Spaccata spezzata Maurizio Lacavalla - Body 2 Marcantonio Bianco - Equilibrium Fabio Manucci - Lultimo gorilla Vania Barbato - Ventre nero Giuseppe Bertozzi - Fiocco azzurro

“The plastinated bodies of the BODY WORLDS exhibition make gestures, they move in spite of being motionless, showing their outer appearance and revealing their inner one. An explosion of shapes often unknown to most people, which emerge in the perfection of matter. These bodies belong to people and some animals that were once alive and are now here to tell their story.
Black and white plates and drawings testify the inspiration aroused in contemporary young artists by the human body and the wonders of anatomy. Traditional and simple drawing tools have been chosen, the most difficult to control but also the most intimate, as intimate as the study, the approach and therefore the dialogue with the subjects that tell their own story.
Renouncing the use of colour has become a well-considered choice in order to concentrate on the rigour of the black drawing on a white background, in a game of contrasts that emerges in its brightness within the choreographic structure of the exhibition.
The tale is told through symbolic labyrinths, through the transformation of flesh into machine, the body that becomes design, that is disassembled in frenzied kinetic progressions and reminds us of who it was when it was alive.”

An exposition of the works of ten students attending the courses of Illustration and Comics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna took place during the Bologna Children’s Book Fair (March 2014), within the “Gunther von Hagen’s BODY WORLDS” exhibition. Students who participated in the exposition: Vania Barbato, Giuseppe Bertozzi, Marcantonio Bianco, Nicola Di Benedetto, Ettore Dicorato, Maurizio La Cavalla, Fabio Manucci, Giovanni Pota, Fabio and Pietro Solari. The project was organized by Professors Octavia Monaco and Luigi Raffaelli, Onofrio Catacchio, Otto Gabos (aka Mario Rivelli), Enrico Fornaroli and managed by Olga Bachschmidt, in collaboration with Logos edizioni
and the technical sponsor
Winsor & Newton.