Dream Holidays

by Lisa Biggi

At intervals the gas lamp lights up the faces of six youngsters and doesn’t do justice to the sunny day that has just ended.  
Simona says that one of her acquaintances brings up some money replacing plastic glasses in the water dispenser of the Arcimboldi theatre; she works half an hour a day seven days a week and earns 700 euros a month. Another one replaces rolls in the photo booths in the underground stations of Milan.
A girl travels by plane for free just by filling in tests about the degree of comfort in the business class.
Somebody wanders off. Giorgia tries to change the subject, all this should sound like a distant worry to her, and tries for the poo.
She says that when she was a child she always needed to poo when she played hide-and-seek. Apparently because of the adrenaline.
The topics, always attractive, immediately involves Alberto that resolutely maintains that every time you fart you must say “stone”, whereas Pietro says “upsidaisy”.
But for the first time – as far as I can remember – the question of work is more relevant than traditional (and not) waste disposal systems.
The “job” of one of Alberto’s friends consists of testing the quality of condoms produced by a famous multinational, with even a signature of approval by his girlfriend and colleague.
To sum up, with glasses of water and underground railways, I have a quick bang and earn 2000 euros as I travel to the Red Sea and practice snorkelling, i.e. swim with mask and snorkel.
Whatever job you have, the important thing is to come back from holidays well bronzed and with a lot of pictures!