Liza sat still and avoided their eyes
By lowering her little girl head.
But she heard their words and she felt their eyes
And this is what she said:
“But I’ve worn my braces for three years now
And gave up peanut brittle
And I do my fractions and bottle-feed
The lambs that are too little.
Will the crows not scream
And the rabbits not hop?
Won’t the beavers chew trees when they need’em,
If you shut me up and put me away
’Cause I can’t handle my freedom?
I know you are smart and I know that you think
You’re doing what is best for me.
But if freedom is handled just your way
Then it’s not my freedom or free.”

testo di Tony Morrison con Slade Morrison
illustrazioni di Giselle Potter
Jump at the sun
ISBN: 9780786812912