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Amazing moment guy Joins singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian

AMAZING MOMENT guy JOINS singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian | Allie Sherlock

Hey guys, here I am performing "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran with guitarist Phily Campbell & Cuan Durkin. AMAZING MOMENT guy JOINS singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland. Hope you enjoy!

Girl joins rapper in the subway for an impromptu jam session (Infidelix ft. EllandM)

Improvisation in the subway of Berlin. I was in Berlin for a week and I was getting out the subway station when I heard the guy rapping. I turned around and walked towards him. After listening to him killing it in a couple of songs I couldn't help myself from wanting to sing with him. This is the result. It was a great experiece. The beat is a group called Phantogram, song "When I'm small". I did freestyle on the base while he rapped his song "Anthem of the Lost".

A man playing guitar Is joined by two strangers in an impromptu street performance

Sultans of Swing, Miguel Montalban

Sultans of Swing, Oxford Circus, London, 24th January 2016, nine and a half minutes of brilliant, exceptional talent, fantastic as always, thank you Miguel Montalban

Best Drummer Ever

One man band: brilliant street performance by George kamikawa on burke street Melbourne

Busker George Kamikawa combines a Japanese background and love of blues music to surprise and entertain passers-by.

Juzzie Smith: one man band - Byron Bay markets

When Someone Requests Santana but only the Bass player knows it

A dog singing the blues. This is hilarious

Eric the Dog joins Juzzie Smith to do a song together. This is a classic moment.
Filmed by Elijah Cavanagh @ Tallebudgera Hall
Erics master is Joel Salom

Beatbox and Bass jam in the street

Amazing beatboxer with a bass player jaming in the street