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A dog singing the blues. This is hilarious

Eric the Dog joins Juzzie Smith to do a song together. This is a classic moment.
Filmed by Elijah Cavanagh @ Tallebudgera Hall
Erics master is Joel Salom

A man playing guitar Is joined by two strangers in an impromptu street performance

Amazing jam session!!!! A Girl Randomly Joins Street Musician for a spontaneous jam

Amazing musical moment in Milan center near Duomo di Milano . A lady named Kamile Kielaite with a impressive voice joining a street Musician Simone Nannicini for an impromptu jam on the street. Such an emotional energy between these two musicians!!!

Amazing moment guy Joins singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian

AMAZING MOMENT guy JOINS singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian | Allie Sherlock

Hey guys, here I am performing "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran with guitarist Phily Campbell & Cuan Durkin. AMAZING MOMENT guy JOINS singing Perfect by Ed Sheeran in Italian on Grafton Street in Dublin, Ireland. Hope you enjoy!

Amazing street magician in London

On a trip to West End to buy some cinnabons we came across a street magician performing in Leicester Square with a cigarette and a mouse. Amazing stuff.

Amazingly creative street musician in London

I spotted this incredible street musician while walking through the Notting Hill Saturday market. If the video isn't too clear, this amazing street performer is playing on a tennis racket guitar, a typewriter and a cutlery set. Although the song being played is a cover, the creativity of the artist has transformed it into very original piece of art.

Beatbox and Bass jam in the street

Amazing beatboxer with a bass player jaming in the street

Best Drummer Ever

Beyonce - Halo - live in New York City subway - Silvia Jhony

Beyoncé - Halo - live in New York city subway

Damiyr - sings Asaf Avidan! Watch what happens!