by Massimiliano Chiamenti

I will now sing of the end in this specific long and rhythmical verse of mine
to tell about the neapolitan nurse who posted that video on youtube
and then cut her veins with a stoical gesture like the ancients used to
when an unfair tyranny forced them dignified people to an extreme act
the neapolitan nurse unfairly fired by the public health clinic with no reason given
and she upright principled and dutiful woman couldn’t stand it
and made a gory show of her end for the insane globe
’cause insane is this globe where no one can find a meaning anymore
a hope a sign a stimulus something that lasts
and where the only joy is the utter waste of the self in endless raids
attempts at profit at rape at conquest or seduction
and what can I say by now after my flow crystallized
and tracks of habits by now read a repeated and routined path?
what can I ever say besides it was better before when young
was the world young was I and young was life in all its forms?
I have no choice but to admit that the sole escape route is death
or maybe non-death or non-life since life is not possible anymore
infected by viruses of blood web and system where nothing
seems solid or sound or valid or meaningful or sure anymore?
what seems sure to me is only that death is better than life
because in death there’s a justice an equality and a levelling
which life doesn’t retain anymore because there’s life only in botulin and cocaine
in the possibility to bribe other people for money or maybe actually
there’s still the possibility to make a business and profit out of our own bodies
kill pride and dignity and be content with a commercial exchange
and I wish I could have said to the young beautiful neapolitan woman portrayed in the newspaper
that she was still beautiful and that beauty would have surely changed many things
because not being ill or old or suffering somehow she could surely  
get a future back subjugate a man and make him her partner and servant
that there were things life could still have in store for her without perishing like this
without a hope or a reason or some kind of meaning hidden in an elsewhere
’cause hoping in the elysian fields is a lie and energy and eternity are lies
and the only form of resistance is to dig in our heels and say “I am” “I stay”
and thus gently push away to another date to another way the transition
that leads from unhappiness to nothing because this is all we can have
either unhappiness or nothing when happiness is only in the love which nobody has anymore
’cause love is analogical physical risky while unhappiness is digital and easy
peaceful calm shock-less and we can carry on well sad and unhappy
like tractors like fool hinges furious animals turned nasty with no habitat
and in the hideous rhythms of electronic music there’s a primordial connection
to something calling us and arising mysterious unexplored semi-existent
in a silent bristly wasteland placed between unhappiness and nothing
an undefined and sibylline wedge uncaringly stuck in an uncharted land
based in an ocean within cosmic placenta an elsewhere a something whoknowswhere
placed indeed between unhappiness and nothing in some free zone

in: rerum vulgarium segmenta (2010)