I was small enough to drawn in the kiddie pool. but big enough to say asshole to a bullying kid who was taller than me. so he grabbed me and plunged my head under the water. with the deliberate intention to make me drink so much that I would learn to be quiet at last. but above the chlorinated blue liquid in which I frantically moved. I saw a big shadow draw near. cover the sunlight. move the bully aside. lift me up almost as if I was a feather. air. lightness. and make me able to breathe again. my father. the saviour. the guardian. of my small life. and my big self-esteem. of course I did not learn to keep quiet. on those summer Sundays when he used to take me to the swimming pool of Carpi by bike. but I learnt to be more cautious while pirouetting on the swing. and careful not to swallow the wrong medicines.
so my heroes. are not Superman. Wonder Woman... maybe the bionic woman is. Obelix undoubtedly is. as invincible as genuine. as indestructible as naive... and my mother who was ready to devour and tear apart anybody who simply thought about hurting me. mrs. Armanda who used to keep me by her side. slightly protected by her skirt and who with her head held high showed me how to be proud of identity and love. my brother who attacked anybody who dared to laugh at me. my dear friend Flo who made ill-intentioned people step back with a single glance and allowed me to continue to be that little insolent girl I had been in the swimming pool. my daughter. who one day had grown up enough to help me not to fall from the rocks where I had ventured. and, last but not least, Felice. who refused darkness and decided to walk in the light of his indestructible confidence in himself.
I dedicate this issue to all those parents who haven’t taught their children to stick to the limits of impotence. but supported the horizon of courage and confidence in their own capabilities. to all those little and insignificant human beings capable of tearing down any barrier. above all the barrier of ignorance. with their intelligence. and will. to all those small beings who haven’t learnt to obey fear.