i have never forgotten.
sitting at the edge of horizon. the nature and the world before my eyes. i breathed. foreign to the human kind. me too, I was part of the landscape. a tree. a rock. me too. i breathed in. i breathed out. following the wind rhythm. my heart rhythm. in complete silence. for endless hours. under the sunshine. ignoring the bee landing on my leg. the words. the laughter calling me back.
i have never forgotten.
that acid day i have never wanted to experience again. when I have learned that the earth is breathing.
as we breath.

this publication is a tribute to our planet. the earth. #GAIA. mother that nourishes us and keeps us alive. without her we would never exist. this is an invitation to reflect. and promise to try. even if it’s too late. to protect her. starting from the small things. our everyday habits. thinking about her as we think about ourselves. and reflect on the quote do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you. thinking of her as living entity. throbbing. above all spreading out the walls of our small houses to embrace her. opening our eyes to the true horizon. which is limitless. we are all part of a whole. and we reap. what we sow.

a tribute to everyone who takes action on a daily basis to protect the environment. and the animals. to those who punctually remind us the consequences of our misdeeds. who opened my eyes day after day. and guided me to the true meaning of a youthful memory. showing me. once again. that the end is a new beginning.

to Sebastião Salgado and his wife Lélia.
to Elzéard Bouffier.
to Roger Olmos.
to all of us tiny deadly virus carelessly roaming around.