Chila. The reptilians want to rule this world, they want it for themselves and they use their power to subjugate humans. Nothing but destruction can come from them and, in order to obtain what they want, they instill a blind desire for power in the human beings. They insinuate human bodies, physically hurting them, spreading the sickness, as if they were experimenting on them. They are evil evil evil. These creatures strain your soul, they tear it apart because they need its pureness. Stealing our purest core, our essence, they feed on it, especially if it’s the essence of a small body, of children, whose soul is still pure, whole, and untouched. Their strength grows in relation to the level of purity the acquire. The whole world is populated by good and evil people, they coexist like light and dark. We live in a fictional world limited to one dimension, while the reptilians reside in two dimensions, ours and theirs, they live alongside us but we cannot see them. They change their appearance and assume fake identities, we see only a kind person, but as soon as we turn our backs… Many important and famous people are actually reptilians. Claiming to be the leaders of this planet, they act as its rulers. There is a constant negotiation going on with humans, however it is a fair exchange, they take from us, but also give. Alongside the bad things they brought in our planet, there are also good things which help the human beings. It was possible thanks to an old negotiation: you give me that and I give you this… The reptilians are responsible for the pollution on our planet, since they need a dense atmosphere of smog.
I saw one of them once, he was wrapped up in a sort of spider web, similar to a cocoon. He was nourishing his body and resting, recharging his energy to be able to regain a physical body, like we do when we get in bed to rest.

Millaray. Our souls have to walk through darkness in order to reach the light, and they will reach it only when they will have gained full knowledge. The reptilians are into darkness, the only substance they are interested in defending. They reside in every world, not just the Earth, they need to conquer them through material objects, thanks to them they subjugate us, they repress our willpower, they turn off our ability to think, because we need to act and think only at their commands. Why? The eternal conflict between light and dark, good and bad, material substance and love. I don’t have access to further information. And what is the will of light? To teach us about joy and love, about how we should live in peace with each other. The reptilians do not know about love. The man is a slave, enslaved by power and conquered through technologic devices, like the mobile phone. Humans do not think anymore, do not speak and communicate; without communication and interaction there are no ideas, people become sadder and lonelier. This a sign of destruction too: inducing people to live without a purpose. We have turned into a planet of sad people, unable to chat with who’s next to us, unable to dialogue without the help of our mobiles, which suggest us how we should feel. The sadness is overwhelming. But when we get in touch with ourselves, we feel part of a whole, connected with everyone, we feel happy, the joy of life and of sharing something with someone else permeates us. The computers, chats, videogames… are alienating us, they keep us quiet and unaware, focused on the screen and unable to listen to ourselves. The reptilians use technology, we think these objects are amazing, we think they can make our life easier, make us happy. We cannot even imagine the technology of the unknown worlds, but those who affirm that they have seen it, imagined it or dreamed about it, actually have lived it, they have been in another existence, in another dimension. The reptilians imported technology on our planet to destroy us, subjugating our willpower, they have imposed it on us through advertisements, desire, fake hopes, fake happiness. They live among us and relish on our sufferings, nobody can fight them, power feeds power.
There’s only one way to change the humanity, to save it from the destruction, the indifference and the void. The solution is starting from ourselves, so that the soul, which is what we are and what we bring in our shape, can be expressed through the body. However, this can happen only if our soul is illuminated, if it collaborates and acts together with the goddesses, the creator, the masters and everything which does not have a shape and wants only the best for us. They have different names according the various religions, I believe that it’s the Father, Love. I think he’s an extra-terrestrial, an advanced being, I asked once, but they told me that I wasn’t ready for the answer. There’s a right time for everything.