by Millaray Huilcamán

Our essence, namely our soul, is light. WE ARE MADE OF LIGHT. OUR CREATOR, THE FATHER, IS LIGHT. Our light maintains itself in time and in the infinite, and when the soul takes a shape (body) its light should go there as well, in order to make that person grow up in love, in truth, in cheerfulness, in joy... This is light. The soul is light. Everybody is light. Even those who are immersed in darkness have a small spark inside, a spark that is lighted all the time, waiting for its experience to be fulfilled.
What prevents light, or love, to take shape? Matter.     
The soul isn’t matter, the shape is, because you can touch it, it’s solid, the atoms are closer to each other. Shape is the obstacle that prevents light from passing through, like a wall, but the body is necessary to experience through awareness, the awareness of what we are. Shape has a personality, namely what you are in that body, and it is like a small kid that needs to be educated. Personality should receive light. Our task is to make light take shape by exploring the darkness, which will make light have any kind of experience in order to grow up and know love.
When we are aware of being light as being a soul, all the different souls that we represent and that are having our same experiences get close to us to draw on our light, but only if their time has come. When you have light and you are not prey to anger, rage, or mental disorder, what you are, your personality and shape, draws closer to that light, and life changes, it improves. All of us who live on this or other planets take light to make our life a better one.
When you have love, or light, shape does not resist much, as if it were thinner. When you are prey to anger instead, the etheric body (what surrounds the shape) can’t be crossed by light, because it is full of negative atoms.
Darkness is when a soul exclusively depends on matter, when the shape does anything in its power to achieve all that is material: money, good fortune, privileges... when it is willing to sell itself in order to obtain success and wealth... or when it hurts other people in order to stand out.
This battle between light and darkness, between GOOD AND EVIL, has always existed in the world, but it is important to remember that we all have A BODY AND A SOUL, and the soul should experience through the body, and through the body it must get the light, or the darkness, to grow up. It is important not to hurt anybody, to treat the people by your side as you would treat yourself, but it’s not easy.
We often confuse LOVE with physical attraction or with the love for your family, but TRUE LOVE IS LOVE FOR EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING UNIVERSALLY WITHOUT MAKING ANY DIFFERENCE. This is evolution: to reach LOVE at the end of all our lives or experiences. This is the reason behind the many incarnations: to learn to grow up, to learn to know love. Every single one of the lives we have to live is necessary to learn through a different experience.
When we become aware that what we live is what we are destined to live, our existence improves, and when we don’t understand or we get angry, the experience will be repeated  endlessly, all the times that are needed to learn.
For this purpose at the beginning of creation families were made up of enemies, rivals, in order to teach them love through sharing. And when it happens that after many lives there is still no love, no tolerance nor forgiveness, the Creator ties these souls for their whole life, in the shape of Siamese brothers, to teach them the meaning of serving and depending on each other.
When you are in the light, you have a conscience and you act in the light as a soul, you are surrounded by a CIRCLE OF LIGHT. A circle of light all around the shape, a circle that not everybody can see, like a golden egg and whose dimensions depend on the conscience and the degree of evolution. Buddha is said to have had an immense circle, stretching over many kilometres. All the souls that will meet people like this and wish to take their light will cross the circle and receive love. Bodies passing by your side are not only bodies, but souls.

Millaray* Huilcamán, Templo Espiritual del Divino Maestro (Cile).
* Flor de Oro (Golden Flower) in mapudungun, native language in Chile and Argentina.