that permanent sacrifice. to decide not to. ever. surrender to the cheerful suggestions of the heart. or of the blood. to go on. on the right path. also. and especially. when it drives me away from pleasure. the little pleasure that is granted to me. maybe. for a better tomorrow. earned. toiled for. evoked. pained. mourned. rightly deserved. heaven. for the upright. has clothed me. and clothes me. with pride. forgetting. poor. sad. and human nature. that it is a sin itself.
Lord. Have mercy.


I dedicate this issue to Gabriele. who this year showed up at my stand at Lucca Comics. and with whom I  went to the nearby café. the one with the nice waiter. and donated me an hour of interesting conversation. funny. free. which he finished. after countless digressions. telling me that when he was young he had faith. he believed. and he was such a firm believer that it was normal for him. that his wishes were fulfilled. he asked for miracles that were granted to him every time. because he had faith. until the adults. but also other children. the school. the world. taught him not to believe. because when you talk about your faith. all the Catholic world that surrounds us in Italy. tells you it is not true. it can’t be true. it doesn’t exist. in spite of the catechism. in spite of the Bible. in spite of #PopeFrancis. and now. Gabriele told me looking into my eyes. I think the moment has come to believe again. in spite of the others.