#TORTUREMEbutkillmeWITHKISSES is one of the most beautiful movie titles that have ever been conceived. It brings together all the passionmadnesspain of the Italian, Latin love, of those whose blood boils, who cut their veins for love, who kiss heatedly and lose their head completely, in our peninsula at least, where I have noticed a certain drama in the way of living a romance, a drama that is instilled into us by our neighbours themselves, by movies, or by the songs we listen to on the radio. The frenzy of Orlando, Cosimo from the branches above, but also Mezzogiorno shouting like a mad woman when she discovers that Accorsi has cheated on her, and eventually forgiving him, Assunta Seduced and abandoned, Monica Vitti Help me, my love! I am going to kill you! I am going to kill myself!
But always and only for #LOVE
#TORTUREMEbutkillmeWITHKISSES is ONE version/vision of love, but there are many others. We use one single word to identify a boundless feeling open to a thousand interpretations depending on the generosity of our heart, and even though the title may make you believe that the February issue of #ILLUSTRATI is dedicated ONLY to those who see love as an extraordinary event, a volcanic explosion or an earthquake, a big natural calamity ready to upset the landscape in a few moments, to tell the truth, I would like to point out that the doors are open also to those who believe in the act of sowing everyday, in the breeze blowing everyday, sometimes sweetly and sometimes not, modelling, sculpting, polishing and slowly, imperceptibly transforming; and of course this invitation is also addressed to all the angels that will sing solo, with maximum joy, with no earthly voice to interrupt nor outrage them.
There is a puzzling quantity of things dedicated to #LOVE to read and watch, it seems that we are doing nothing apart from thinking and talking about it, we are humans after all and even if we are clever we must couple, breed and preserve our species... The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino, Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, Amour by Michael Haneke, L’Amoureux by Rébecca Dautremer, Torture Me But Kill Me with Kisses by Dino Risi, Help Me, My Love by Alberto Sordi, Romeo and Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli or Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrmann because we love Leonardo Di Caprio, Secretary by Steven Shainberg, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or by Joe Wright, Seduced and Abandoned by Pietro Germi where Lando Buzzanca reaches the stars, Promises by Ana Juan, Juno by Jason Reitman or the recent, heartrending The Fault in Our Stars by John Green or Josh Boone… Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel or Alfonso Arau and #NEVERTOFORGET The Bridges of Madison County by Robert J. Waller or by Clint Eastwood... and I am sure that, while reading these titles, many others will come to your mind and maybe, who knows, on the 14th, instead of receiving/giving only roses or chocolates or panties, you might find yourself with a beautiful new book, maybe not about love but as an act of love.
as far as I am concerned, now that this issue is finished but the topic is just roughly outlined, I can only say that about love I have read. I have watched… about love I have thought. and thought again. but never understood. I thought I had understood. but it was not true. maybe, in order to understand, you have to be taller. or smaller.

Lina Vergara Huilcamán