photo and text by Lina Vergara Huilcamán

Maria Cecilia (Chila)

Maria Cecilia (Chila)

Amelia Anned Felipe Marisol Millaray

I heard about it for the first time almost twenty years ago. During a solitary journey to discover my roots I travelled to Concepción to visit my grandfather, whom I had seen just twice in my whole life. A nice old man who brought me to an apartment in the centre of the city where a dozen people sitting in a circle watched Father Pedro trying to cure me. They didn’t succeed because at that time I was lacking the primary element, FAITH, or maybe there were just too many people and I have always been shy. That year, in Concepción, which means conception, I decided to get pregnant of my first daughter without ever having thought about having a child before, and I felt sure I was pregnant under the clock in front of the Temple, while I was saying hallo to my grandfather. They entered my life again almost seven years later. My grandfather had left his shape and my mother, who was in Santiago to help me with my second pregnancy, went and took care of the funeral arrangements. When she came back, after a few days, she was different. She didn’t know it yet, but she had succeeded him in the Temple. Now these people are part of my life, through my mother’s stories, whereas till the age of 24 I had been a perfect atheist, a true unbeliever, one who doesn’t even believe in doctors. Now every time I feel some kind of pain, physical or spiritual, I as well as my children, we turn to them through my mother. I don’t have to take medications, which are a real threat to a paranoid like me since the very moment I read the leaflet. Nobody touches me except my mother. And every time, be it a miracle or not, I heal. Healing to me is will and faith. Today I believe in soul, in my soul. I also believe in reincarnation. I do not have a well-defined idea yet, and maybe I’ll never have it, I don’t force myself nor do I oppose. That’s why, when – out of some astral coincidence – I met them in Arica, on the border with Peru and Bolivia, after a thousand kilometres through the  desert and under one of the most starry sky one could imagine, more than two thousands kilometres from Concepción, during their annual pilgrimage Northbound, I decided to interview them. For you, but above all for me. To get to know them better. I don’t want to write an introduction to explain in detail what you are going to read in the following pages, which is just the translated transcription of the six interviews. Many doubts will arise as you read through them, since I might have easily assumed many concepts that are familiar to me, but I believe – and in reading once again what I’ve written I realize that maybe I have always had FAITH – that curiosity and fears have to be followed, or maybe you should just be free to allow yourself certain encounters that seem insignificant today but that might turn out meaningful tomorrow or maybe in a year. And, after all, why not?
The people I interviewed are The Twelve of the Centro Espiritual Divino Maestro, in Concepción, a place where my eldest daughter and I were born. The Twelve are actually seven by now, and one is missing.

When I was twelve I used to make regressions.

If children, since they are very young, are taught that we are souls and not shapes (the body), their life becomes easier because they understand that life is only a series of experiences to live. I am a canalizer. When I was twelve I was initiated by my godfather, Father Pedro. When my father died he took my family on himself, we were six children. He initiated us to the spiritual journey that he had undertaken with a group of intellectual friends. His whole family said he was crazy, they even took him to a psychologist, since he had decided to leave his commercial activities to devote himself to a spiritual life. If you don’t have material interests people say you are crazy, but he was not crazy, he had left his family enough money to live. He taught me how to get out of my body. At the beginning only to see the house and who was in there, and then to establish a contact with the Masters. They always guide us, they are beings that don’t have a material body, but some of them have had it. They used to lead us (my sister and me) to other dimensions. They explained us what happens between life and death. What it means to get out of one’s body. They led us to reincarnation. To previous lives. When I was twelve, I used to make regressions. We don’t choose our next life. I entered the tunnel and when I came out of it I found myself in the experience of life that I needed. Years mean nothing to the soul. A whole life is over in a moment. When you are dying in one life, you see your soul come out of the body. You are surrounded by the people who loved you and the most important person in your life comes and picks you up when you die. If there’s nobody waiting for you, the Lady of Life comes. She is a beautiful woman, her beauty is something that can’t be found on this planet. She instils peace and tranquillity in you by simply looking at you. She accompanies you to the level that matches you according to your evolution as a soul. You see many beings come, and you feel much love for them, as if you knew them. As a soul you understand that you feel an immense love, so big that you can’t decipher it in the physical part, the matter. For the first time you feel happiness, the one that you look for many times on earth and you can’t find. You can find it for an instant but it doesn’t last. If you understand this, you don’t fall in grief anymore. You have learnt. When an experience lasts longer you should wonder what you haven’t understood, which is the cause of pain, what you need in order to leave sorrow behind you. When you leave your body, you go to the level that matches you and they start to prepare you for your next life. You find your Masters and your guardian angel, who will stay with you throughout your life and all your lives. Guardian angels never leave you. Because they are evolving with you. It has happened that an angel fell in love with the person they should accompany, and stopped being an angel to take on a body and stay with that person. It has happened. Before you are born, your spiritual guide tells you: she will be your mother and he will be your father, and you have to decide whether you want them for your evolution. They show you your whole life as a fast movie that stops only where you haven’t managed to accomplish a change. They prepare you. The choice is up to you. This is why sometimes you think you have already experienced a situation, you have a déjà vu. When it happens, it means that you are following your path, your destiny. Through all these experiences, we have learnt. At the beginning, I had to lay down on a bed to get out of my body, today I can do it at any moment, sitting. After you get out, you realize that the body is like an armour, it’s heavy. To get out of the body is an intense experience. I remember that at night I used to sleep all closed in myself in order not to get out, because when you get out you are likely to find awful things. Then I learnt to get out and go straight to the place I had chosen, to avoid unpleasant encounters. I felt I was leading an incomplete life. When I was a little girl, I used to play but I felt I had a responsibility as a soul. I was normal but if a friend of mine had a headache I used to touch her head and heal her. We used to go to the Temple everyday, we had strange and wonderful experiences. My life was over without being aware of it. We met the Prince of Darkness many times. We saw witches. We had several experiences with the dark side, which is always ready to come and take us to the other side. Those were times when being spiritual was like practicing witchcraft. All was secret. Hidden. We couldn’t talk about soul. Father Pedro didn’t allow me to read. He didn’t want me to have any reference. You can’t invent what you don’t know. This is why I keep away. To keep my mind clean, free for the words of the Masters, without interfering. When I was about fifteen or sixteen years old, I found myself in a ten-floor building and looked out of the window. I wondered what could prevent me from jumping down. I felt that all was untrue, all that I had seen and lived did not exist. I thought that these ideas belonged to me only. Then at night all the Masters came. Ten, fifteen. They introduced themselves. One by one. I opened my eyes and they were still there. I was frightened. Even today, if they appear, my first reaction is fear. Then it stops. But since that night I don’t have any doubts about the path I have chosen. If I told you about what I have seen, all the people I have met and what they have gone through…

We do not use the word death, soul does not die.

I was very religious. Catholic. I have never been very talkative. I am more of a listener, and while I am listening I question myself. At the mass they used to talk (and they still talk) of deeds happened to Jesus Christ two thousand years ago. And things change. My soul wanted to evolve on a spiritual level but it was impossible within the Catholic faith. Soon after I was married I wanted to participate in a spiritual retreat and I was told that I couldn’t unless my husband participated first, and my husband would never have gone. Faith implies that we grow up in our creed to make us better people. How is it possible that wars were declared in the name of God and that people used to kill other people in the name of faith and religion? They used to pray and then kill. I didn’t like the truths of religions. So I left the Catholic way of life and began my quest elsewhere, until I found a yoga school and the yoga school led me to the Centro Espiritual Divino Maestro, where I felt something true at last. I felt God inside me. It was amazing. Nobody can tell me it is not real, because I feel faith inside, I feel the endless love of this deity. I feel the soul’s feeling that makes us express the divine. My husband has left his physical shape, we do not use the word death, because the soul does not die, it is eternal, it leaves its clothes of flesh and bones that belong to this planet. This matter only belongs to the earth. “Dust thou art, to dust returnest!” the Bible says, but this means something different to us. I experience it with my husband now. I communicate with him in my dreams, I close my eyes and I can see him. As souls, we do not die. We go back to our Father, the deity. We can express ourselves and go wherever we want. And my husband, my soulmate, is here with me everyday. Even if, sometimes, when I want to tell him something, when I am thinking of what to tell him, he goes away. But I don’t mind, we are soulmates. It is amazing. But you have to experience it to say it is true.

I have learnt to open myself without being afraid to be judged.

The Temple is a very important part of my life. It has changed everything. My family is very catholic and I used to wonder: if God is awesome, then why is a child born and why does he grow up in a family that gives him love and food, and another one has to die of starvation, for example in Ethiopia? I asked a priest and he didn’t answer. I couldn’t understand until I went to the Temple and Father Pedro talked to me about reincarnation. Then I understood and it all made sense. You can recognize a tree from its fruits. And I saw love and found myself. I knew who I am. I felt the love of my brothers and sisters. I understood that life is neither fortune nor coincidence. There is a reason for everything. When I was a little girl I used to dream a lot about other lives. Always the same dreams, again and again. I used to dream I could fly. If I had told somebody about it, they would have said I was crazy, so I didn’t tell anybody. And when my friends saw me attend the Temple, they wondered what had happened. They didn’t understand because they didn’t know anything about me. Now I am married to my soulmate and I live in Canada. My father had always told me I should learn English. But I didn’t agree and I didn’t want to travel. I dreamt of a man that talked to me in English and when I asked what it meant I was told that he was my soulmate. I said no. And I said no once again when a man asked the Father about his soulmate and the Father looked at me and answered: she is coming. The first time I saw him, I didn’t like him. He was slim. But everything matched my dream. And after we got married I moved to Toronto with him. When I ask why I had to move there, I am told that I have to open up hearts. I have to bring love. What is love? Love is when you give yourself completely. When you see your reflection in the eyes of somebody else. When you don’t have to tell him what you feel and what you are. You give yourself. You entrust yourself. With my soulmate I have learnt to be the way I am, to open myself without being afraid to be judged. Thanks to Father Pedro, I have learnt how to embrace. Many people talk about love, but to be able to express it and above all to feel it is a different matter. Some people think you only need to say it. I love you. My husband often asks me what is my ambition. And I answer the spiritual side and to be happy within a couple. It is not easy. But we are soulmates and it is during hard times that we can find love. When I look at him in the eyes, because it’s in the eyes that you can read the soul, I recognize him. And all is well again.

All together we make God.

Once, as we were travelling by car, I listened to my mother talk about Brazilian monks that only needed to look at children to unveil their future. I yearned to live an experience of that kind. So I started to read all the books I could find about the topic. Finally an aunt of mine came who had been to Ecuador and had had a Master. I kept her awake all night asking her a thousand questions. And she answered all of them. Then one day a neighbour started to talk about the same topics and told us that he used to attend a spiritual centre: the Temple of the Divine Master. The first meeting in which I participated took place on a Holy Friday in 1988 at Father Pedro’s home. I immediately knew that I was in the right place. I have always thought that we have to leave a trace of our passage through this world. To make our existence useful. Not only to procreate and grow our children. I think I am born to serve more than to live. I have been at the Temple for more than 24 years and every day my ideas become clearer. It is fulfilling to see people come and to be able to give without asking for anything, only out of love. To see that love changes their lives. To shorten their experiences through my experience. To be of help. When I was very young I used to feel alone. There was nobody I could talk to. My mother was always ill. And I could only pray God not to take her away. I could not even talk to my father. He used to work so that we had everything we needed but he was cold and distant. I have always wished to talk to God. So that he knew me. I wanted to stand in front of him and that he loved me and answered all my questions. And this is what I do now. Talking to the Masters is the same. This is what I like about the Temple: there are not questions without answers. I am a canaliser. Through me the Masters express themselves. It is a terrible responsibility. I am afraid that my mind may interfere. When the Master talks through me I feel that I am not inside my body, I am by its side and listen. I feel vibrations coming like waves until the Master begins to talk. No, I don’t question the mechanism. It’s like being in the air. Sometimes I feel like I am asleep and I am not aware of anything. Other times I am there and listen. The souls of the majority of people are asleep. When the soul wakes up and cures itself, even the shape, the body heals. They do not even imagine they are a divine essence. They believe they are emotion, sensation and body. They rely on those that define themselves as doctors and sometimes they never heal, until they come to us in despair. We are a spiritual centre. We work with souls. So when they come to us we talk with their soul, we wake it up, we delete cosmic memories and heal them. Yes. Also their bodies recover. If we didn’t cure them they wouldn’t believe us. They would say that we are only preaching. This is why the Masters gave Father Pedro the gift of healing: to convince them. Then, little by little they start to become curious. They understand they have a soul and that divinity exists, that we are all part of one. This is the beginning of our spiritual journey. We are a divine essence. The Father creator divides himself into a million sparks and every spark is a divine essence that comes down to earth to experience all knowledge and then goes back to where it came from. All together we make God. We are all part of Him. This is our work. To wake up the souls, to make them understand that they are a divine essence, a part of God: who they are, where they come from and where they are going. How many people know it? The Masters tell us: don’t think, feel. Think in order to sum up and multiply, but if you want to understand who you are, feel.

I learnt through my senses.

“Why does it happen that somebody that has always tried to do and give as much as possible then suffers injustices in life?” I asked a priest once. He told me that it was God’s will. “So why should I strive to be better if it is God that in the end decides to give and take and my behaviour can’t influence His will?” and the priest didn’t answer. I thought it wasn’t fair. I didn’t feel any truth. I once read about a child who had been told that, if he behaved properly, if he did his homework and was good at school and to his schoolmates, he would receive a bike for Christmas. But Christmas came, and the bike was given to the child next door. The child thought that God didn’t love him, that Santa Claus didn’t love him. And, once again, the priest remained silent. I talked to other people. I read. I inquired. Always with the same result. Until one day I met Don Pedro González and he told me that anything I was experiencing and had experienced was a consequence of my behaviour in other lives. On the 10th of March 1987 I told my mother that I had completed my puzzle at last. I felt that Don Pedro’s words were true, not because they had been uttered, but because I felt they were true inside me. Everything I do has and must have a meaning. I reap what I sow. And my life changed. I had been unlucky and unhappy since I was a little girl... but now all that I had experienced was the consequence of what I had caused in previous lives. I have always felt like the Ugly Duckling, I have spent my life trying to help other people, I was good at school not for my own sake, but to help my classmates. To be accepted. Everybody knew me, everybody was my friend, but I was never invited to parties, they used to think that, of course, I wouldn’t go because I had to study. All my relations with other people were “commercial”, as I called them, because nobody intruded the sphere of my personal life, nobody knew me for what I was and what I felt. Don Pedro told me that for several lives I had been a beautiful woman, admired but also flighty, selfish and always furious... I am excited when I think about the wonderful change I have undergone. I have managed to love myself because at last I have understood who I am and who I had been. I have done my best to be accepted, to be loved even if I felt ugly, even if I was short. And now, at last, I have a soul, that can be big, that doesn’t mind if my body is small. Now I have answers at last. All that I have learnt, I learnt through my senses, feeling instead of thinking. I don’t want to study anymore now. I want to feel. I am not afraid of my intelligence, but when you are absorbed by your thinking you forget to feel. Before I met Don Pedro I felt caged, locked up in a prison where the sun couldn’t enter. To meet him changed my life, now I know that studying and reading can be of help, but nothing has a meaning anymore if I don’t feel anything inside here (she puts a hand over her heart) in my soul.

From the inside to the outside.

I came to the Temple because my father had died. I felt the need to go there and didn’t know why. Afterwards I came to know that when you get closer to the Temple it’s because the time has come for you to awaken. All the questions I had asked myself started to get an answer. The anguish, the pain I had always kept inside finally started to vanish. I started to feel better and felt the need to communicate. We all ask ourselves questions, but I couldn’t talk to anybody about this. In every single thing the Master told me I finally found an answer to all the questions I had been asking myself for years. All that happens to us now finds its explanation in the past, and little by little I come to understand it. I like to talk to other people. Explain. Teach. I make myself clear to make other people clear so that they can make others clear. So they will feel better. Changes come from the inside, not from the outside. If you want to feel better, and that others feel better too, you have to do something instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you. Children are my closer disciples. When I talk to adults they often laugh. In other times they’d have already sent me to the stake only because I’m different. With my granddaughter I can talk about many things, because she reads a lot and listens to me. She’s read Dante and many other things, so we can discuss a lot, draw conclusions together and make connections. Conscience is the most important thing to me. People have to understand that what they are going through is first of all what happens to them as they are, so that they won’t feel sad. Because when you have no answers to what you’re going through you live in pain, but when you know, and understand, the pain vanishes. We are all afraid of everything. You may think “fear” just refers to things such as going out in the darkness, but we all fear to be refused, disapproved, to be fat, to be watched and judged in a bad way, we fear old age, sickness, ugliness. Today I’ve found a message dating back to 2009 in which the Master says that we are afraid of everything because we have lived so many lives and had so many reincarnations, therefore we have had many experiences – some of which bad – and we preserve a memory of them. During our meetings I want the disciples to understand what we are talking about. That’s why I like to make them think and ask them questions. I challenge them. Only if they think, they can understand. We are not what we see in a mirror, but a soul, a divine essence, and as souls we have chosen what we are going through, so that we can evolve. My soul has taken this Millaray body with all its weaknesses so that with this body I can make some changes. And since Millaray, the shape, has billions of representations – because there are other billions of crazy old ladies like her out there with the same pains and problems. If Millaray makes a small change – for example she stops worrying about her weight – millions of other people will stop worrying about their weight. If I change something in myself a small change affects also all the other souls I represent. We are The Twelve, the apostles following Jesus. Each of us bears the ray of one of the Apostles, but we are only seven, because we haven’t found all the shapes, and the five missing rays have been divided among the seven of us. If ordinary people make a small change this won’t reflect in billions of people as when I or any other of The Twelve make it, but it will probably influence their circle, their family. Because anything I do, say or think is going to influence my daughter, and my daughter’s daughter. The Twelve are Fathers of all the souls of Mankind. We represent, we are the Great Master on Earth, therefore if I – or any of The Twelve – make a change, I have to make it here (she puts a hand over her heart), from the inside to the outside.