Crazy things

by Cecilia Resio

In the age of Couldn’t-care-less, you could meet a lot of strange people in the street.
The time of everybody had come, and at last everybody could take the liberty
of changing their mind, everybody had the right to leave what they were doing unfinished,
to leave the doors open and the lights on.
Nobody expected accomplished acts and other people’s bad weather was very much tolerated.
People used to ask only vague questions, especially about the weather,
and individuals had regained their uniqueness.
Men and women used to get their way and could spend some more time inside their own mind
instead of rushing into other people’s.
One day in January I briefly came out of Twothousandandfourteen
and travelled to the age of Couldn’t-care-less to give a meaning to my indiscipline.
A lady was taking a stroll with a thumb sticked into a tangerine:
she was peeling it, but all of a sudden she felt like a plum and there she stayed, not knowing what to do.
A man in pajamas was sitting on a bench, embracing a toaster.
He wanted it to be breakfast forever, beginning, awakening, sweetness.
His wife would come back home that evening and leave him.
A horse was riding a policeman because it had been dreaming of it for a long time.  
A girl was going around naked, with a ushanka on her head
and her boyfriend was holding her by the hand, laughing.
They liked each other very much and he had presented her with a book of Russian poetry.
She had taken off her clothes for a bet or maybe out of love, perhaps for both reasons.
An indebted man had shut his laptop and was carefully laying it as a table,
sitting on the steps of a shopping mall closed out of boredom.
The plate where he would eat was one of the “Buon Ricordo,”
painted with a laughing lobster and the notice Seafood Restaurant since 1978.
When I decided to go back home it was late, but only for me.
Just before leaving, I turned around.
Right on time to see somebody releasing dozens of doves from a top hat.
I don’t believe he was a magician but, at last, I felt flooded by that sense of peace
I was looking for.