The sky of the 12th

by Cecilia Resio

The sky of the twelfth will see me almost motionless on platform number six.
It will be a fitting and firm sky, the clouds won’t boast,
But will come back to their celestial folds after having grazed the sky.
The earth of the twelfth will have had the time to absorb the haste and the hurry,
The wait, the caution.
[don’t get up, I will go and buy bread and roses]
The sky of the thirteenth will see me just fallen asleep
And with the light of the dawn it will light up my apparent peace
In a dark and not definitive way,
Almost as if it wanted to make my dreams go at cruising speed
as fast as the knots you made to me during my hair
[I must remember never to hurt you]
The sky of the thirteenth will bring us luck and we will go to the cinema,
My knee will kiss yours and the dark will amplify our desire to return home.
The earth will shake, but only because the underground train went by
And I laughed in an obscene way.
The sky of the fourteenth will be black in the morning and a rain of insults will fall.  
I will have thoughts of abuse and catastrophe,
I am melodramatic the day before you leave.
And the earth of the fourteenth will be my accomplice.
There will be a battle, there will be that hopeless love
That turns love into sex and vice versa
And, after all, who knows why we should separate them.
The sky of the fifteenth will be so high that our fingers won’t no longer be able to touch it.
I will have very deep eyes where yours will swim with great difficulty.
My eyes will be thoroughly soaked
[come on, dry them against my neck]
The earth of the fifteenth will be flat and I will ask you why
And you will answer with that kiss that I will bring home with me.
The sky of the sixteenth will see me almost motionless on the edge of the bed.
In my fist I will keep some flies and that kiss.  
Entomology and love produce unexpected dizziness in me.
I love you, of this I have never been so unsure.