This is an invitation to REMEMBER, throughout the month of January, until the 27th.
An invitation addressed to anybody who is no longer so young and, like me, has been lucky enough to meet people who have been partisans or who have seen the concentration camps with their own eyes.
A tribute to a whole generation of which not much is left but that should not be forgotten, with a lot of pictures, ILLUSTRATED.
An invitation to search our own physical surroundings for a past we should know better. Maybe somebody’s grandfather or great-grandfather is still alive and can tell his story, as we once used to do, when we watched less television and time became endless… and we sat and watched our granma do her housework while entertaining us with stories about her youth.
An invitation, addressed to the readers of ILLUSTRATI, to send us, throughout the month of January, the stories of your grandfathers, uncles, mothers, of the partisans that you had the chance to meet, scanned photographs, the treasures of your family album. You are welcome to email us titles of books or movies about the topic, works that you think everybody should read or see.
All the material will be published on our facebook page:
You are welcome to post links to videos, songs, suggestions.
An invitation to bookshops and libraries to create, since the 1st January, a shelf unit or a shop-window display or even an in-store display with all the suggestions about the topic, with pictures and drawings.
For printing reasons we have published on paper just a selection of the material we received during the month of November. You can find all the illustrations in the album
In the hope that you will participate in and appreciate our invitation…