A Middle Age Night Dream

by Maria Di Domenico

I dream of her at night, she stares at me in anger.
She smiles at everyone and gives me just a look.
Then she stands up and comes closer:
 “Did you learn the lesson” she says “my little one?”.

I have sweaty hands and my head itches,
My voice doesn’t come out and the party begins.
Everybody looks at me and laughs out loud,
I burst into tears and they start to have fun.

She walks between the desks, until she approaches Tina
Her beautiful girl has learnt it for sure,
At Tina she smiles and then she fondles her:
 “You are incredibly lovely, you know!”.

I suddenly wake up, realize it is night-time.
I am no longer ten and now nobody beats me.
But I am still afraid, at night, in my dreams,
that my schoolteacher may be ashamed of me.