Dedicated to the Little Mermaid of Hans Christian Andersen.
But also to less famous mermaids.
To those who were born – and will die – different.
To those who want to get out of their pond to see new worlds.
To those who can still imagine a different life.
To those who never felt part of this world.
To those who sometimes re-emerge from their lives and, when they see the world, they can’t breathe. To all those who let themselves be seduced by curiosity and discover a world made of questions and thoughts about diversity and escapism.
Dedicated also to the beautiful fishes of different shapes and colours that fascinate all of us when we go to the aquarium, to those giant tanks inhabited by personalities with scales that look at us (maybe) with those strange, round eyes, different one from the other, and think (maybe) that we humans also look so similar and yet, looking closely, one has thick eyebrows, another has thin lips, one is blond and the other is bald.
Dedicated also to summer and sea, wishing all our readers to have happy, wonderful holidays! And to enjoy some delicious fresh fish meal by the seashore.

And please, don’t write emails in defence of poor fishes and against this inconsiderate editorial, because life is also made of little mean phrases.