“The Knife-Thrower didn’t like reading. Of course, he learnt to read, long time before, but he never used that magic key, able to open the world of knowledge and dreams. A book didn’t mean anything but boredom and compulsion to him. He wasn’t concerned about the man who used to give books as presents to his Little Darling. Books, nice stuff. He shrugged, unaware that each volume Colossus offered to his wife was a stroke his hands couldn’t give her.
Sharing stories, with all the emotions they can arouse, means sharing much more than what unites most of people when they say they love each other and just exchange light sighs and useless kisses.
At least, that was what Colossus thought.”


Illustration by Emmanuelle Houdart
Text by Marie Desplechin
Hardcover - 40 pp. - 225x275 mm
ISBN: 9788857603261