His name is Martin.
This is his story.
Martin is an abducted child.
From the age of three Martin has been getting kidnapped by aliens.
They take him away to study him.
They do things with his brain.
Ever since he was three years old.
They use him as storage space.
They use the unused space in his brain to store their information.
To save it.
But Martin doesn’t know this.
Martin only knows that he’s not well.
That he suffers from nosebleeds.
Every morning.
And cries without any reason.
For hours.
Martin often dreams that he’s being operated on.
Dreams of having children with six fingers.
Dreams of being penetrated by light.
By God.
Martin only eats things that he has blended himself.
He’s not trusting.
Solid foods are contaminated.
Putting food in a blender kills the germs.
Says Martin.
While he puts a steak in the blender.
Martin is ill.
Martin is very ill.
His family is totally fraught.
He takes pills.
He tells the doctor about his dreams.
About the little scars he says he can’t remember having.
About the voices inside his head.
The memories that aren’t his.
The doctor tells him to take more pills.
And Martin takes more pills.
His family is totally fraught.
Reality gets more and more confused.
Like made of cardboard.
Radio waves inside his ears.
Prisms inside his eyes.
He breathes liquid ozone.
Swallows space-time.
Martin is very ill.
But he’s confident.
Martin thinks that by taking his pills…
Reality will stop being made of cardboard.
That reality will go back to being made of reality.

Hardcover - 160 pp. - 170x230 mm
ISBN: 9788857603278