by Federica Bordoni

Here comes a touring circus in Milan,
some people say it’s so bizarre!
As I approach the multicoloured tent,
a smart lion invites me to enter.
In the gallery I go and sit
Between a giraffe and a pig.
The spectators are animals here!
Elephants, zebras, monkeys and bears.
And the lion-ringmaster announces:
“Our wonderful show is starting right now!”
Raising a whip, a tiger stood
And a man jumped in the fiery hoop!
A seal commanded, with a loud voice:
“You have to keep the ball on your noise!”
The show was quite remarkable,
But the people looked so miserable!
As soon as they left the stage,
They had to go back to their cage!
It was so horrible, that situation!
I asked a hyen for explanation.
She splitted her sides with laughter,
And then gave me the right answer:
“No need to worry, dear! Serene!
All of this is just a dream!”
Luckily the hyen was right,
And I woke up heaving a sigh.
But I still feel that in real life
There is something that’s not fine.
I think that circus shows must change
And stop keeping animals in chains.
Every creature should be free
To be happy, like you and me!